Retail Energy: 10 Tips to Reduce Cost

Your company’s monthly electric bill is a necessity that you need to keep your business running. But for many companies, the price you have to pay to keep the lights on can be an overwhelming expense. Fortunately, there are many things your company can do to help reduce the cost of energy without sacrificing your profits.

10 Tips on Saving Energy for your Business

Here are a few helpful tips that can benefit your retail business when saving on energy costs:

Use Natural Sunlight When Possible

Most buildings will get around 6 to 12 hours of natural sunlight each day. Take advantage of this natural, free light by opening up your blinds and keeping your electric lights turned off as long as possible.

Shut Off Equipment That Is Not in Use

Many business owners are surprised to learn how much energy is wasted on equipment they rarely use. One way to reduce your costs is by plugging all of this equipment into a single power strip, then making a routine to turn off the lights and power strips before leaving the building at closing time.

Make Sure Your HVAC System is Always Clean

Older HVAC systems will usually waste a lot of energy. If you can’t invest in a brand new energy-efficient system at this time, you can always have your old system cleaned to improve air quality and overall comfort.

Install Light Dimmers and Motion Detectors

Light dimmers and motion detectors can help you cut down on the amount of electrical light you use each day when used along with natural light. Higher dimmer settings for evening hours can also help you save on your monthly energy costs.

Reprogram the Thermostat

By programming the thermostat to a comfortable level that everyone can agree on and leaving it there, you will help reduce your energy costs instead of continually adjusting the temperature.

Get an Energy Audit

An energy audit can help ensure you are paying the best rates for the energy your company uses. It enables you to find new solutions that will reduce your electricity costs now and provide you with steps you can take to lower your expenses in the future.

Make Sure Your Doors and Windows Are Treated

As your windows and doors age, they begin to allow small gusts of air in from the outside. But because it happens slowly over time, it can be difficult to notice. Take the time to make sure your windows and doors are appropriately treated to eliminate cold air coming in or warm air escaping.

Change Light Bulbs

In most office buildings and retail settings, lights consume a large percentage of monthly electric use. By switching to compact fluorescent lights or LEDs, you can help cut your energy costs down by as much as 30%. These light bulbs are also known to last longer than traditional bulbs.

Use Office Equipment That Is Energy Efficient

Using office equipment that is energy efficient can drastically reduce the amount of energy your company uses each day. Look for computers, printers, and copy machines that feature the ENERGY STAR logo to guarantee your office equipment use as little electricity as possible.

Switch to Solar Energy If Possible

Many states offer incentives and tax rebates to companies that switch to solar power. Although switching to solar power will require you to make an initial investment, it is an investment that will pay off over time.

Learn More About Energy Savings from Sector 7 Energy

Sector 7 Energy is a full-service consulting firm headquartered in Dallas, TX. We specialize in lighting consultation, tax exemptions, and retail energy brokering. Our company provides top-notch service to businesses in Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. Contact us today for more details.

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