Sector 7 Energy’s consulting team is amongst the most knowledgeable and honest in the industry. We make sure to present you with all the facts prior to you making a decision for your home or business. If you’re looking for an honest, hard-working firm to go above-and-beyond for your needs, let us work for you!

We leverage our entire volume of business for you to get access to deals you wouldn’t have on your own. We look at the market trends to figure out when and how to save the most money. To sum it up…we do work!

Auto Place Inc - Dallas, Texas

My consultant at Sector 7 went above and beyond for my company to obtain energy services. Before meeting him, I had a previous experience with another energy broker that left a sour taste in my mouth. He knew I was busy during my business hours so to accommodate he met me on a Sunday to discuss my options and presented them to me in a way that was to MY benefit. As a business owner, I understand this a very rare occurrence. Once I realized he was out to help me, I also consulted him on another business I needed energy services for. Very happy with the service and would definitely recommend!

OMG Tacos - Richardson, Texas

Sector 7 Energy was able to go over market details and a few options for me to choose from. I wasn’t expecting to go over what each option meant, but it helped! It’s nice that they don’t just offer a rate but at least take the time to explain most of it.

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